Reader reviews

“From the introduction onwards, the author’s passion and enthusiasm for Chemistry were infectious. I felt highly motivated to read this book.

“Many chemistry books either scratch the surface of the subject or expound aspects of the discipline in great detail, using numerous illustrations and examples, making it difficult to get at the heart of the science.

“This authoritative book explains the very core of chemistry in an incredibly coherent and succinct way. It provides a comprehensive subject framework. It acts as a map to see the entire landscape and how the various topics inter-relate. I really liked how each chapter built on the preceding chapters in a logical order – I felt in safe hands.

“The content is made highly digestible by breaking it up into clear one- or two-page chunks. The clarity of both the text and diagrams render even the most complex concepts understandable. Every couple of pages, there is a trivia box with one or more fascinating related snippets to bring the topic to life. 

What really sets this book apart is the breadth of the content it covers, concisely and with clarity, to an advanced level. It provides a foundation or bedrock for the entire scientific discipline, allowing the reader to explore further with a solid grounding in all the core concepts”.

Nicola-Jane Iddon

“How many books do you know that can provide deep knowledge of a subject without requiring several others to be read first? The Art of Chemistry is a rare find in this respect.

“The reader is taken on a carefully led journey, from novice through to a detailed understanding of the material our universe is made from. Along the way, a series of concise explanations and clear diagrams help shape understanding, while many relevant trivia build interest in and relevance to the topic.

The Art of Chemistry is a unique book, which plays a vital role in bringing core scientific knowledge to the masses in a single volume. If, like me, you have always wanted to know more about chemistry but need a refresher to get started, this book is undoubtedly for you”.

Steve Sutton