More than an introduction to chemistry

more than an introduction to chemistry

The best chemistry book for a wide-ranging audience, from young adults to retired. The Art of Chemistry – no previous experience required – is more than an introduction to chemistry. It provides you with a comprehensive, concise, and authoritative initiation into the core concepts of chemistry and its critical connections with physics and biology.


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target audience

Suitable for all ages, from young adults. This book is for you if:

  • You want to help with a young person's education
  • You want to relearn forgotten teachings
  • You wish to expand your scientific knowledge
  • You're curious about chemistry but don't know where to start (as I was)
  • You want a comprehensive science reference
  • You're a science student craving a broader understanding
  • You're an educator wanting an additional lesson design resource

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about the author

Kevin was born in London and lives in Swindon, Wiltshire, with his wife.

He left school aged 16 for a four-year apprenticeship with the Ministry of Defence, from which he obtained a Higher National Certificate in Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

On leaving the MOD, he joined a multinational Information Technology corporation where, in a career spanning 30 years, he held numerous senior management positions in multiple technical roles.

technical accuracy

Proofread over a two-year period by five people:

  • Rosemary Carrigan (BSc., PGCE)
  • Nichola-Jane Iddon (B.A. Cantab)
  • Peter Morgan (BSc.)
  • Steve Sutton (BSc.)
  • Prof Anthony W. Parker (FRSC - Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry)

genuinely unique

  1. It is the product of the author’s chemistry initiation
  2. Not a lightweight overview. A book that dives deep into the science
  3. Subjects start at a foundation level. No topic familiarity assumptions
  4. Most pages include a full-colour pictorial guide
  5. Over 3,000 indexed terms and a 365 definitions glossary
  6. Four levels of chapter nesting. Specific subject headings
  7. Page headers on every page
  8. Most subjects are completed on one page
  9. An explanation of each concept occurs at the point of introduction
  10. Additional relevant information in 234 trivia boxes

book specifications

main chapters

  1. Matter
  2. The Periodic Table of the Elements
  3. Chemical Reactions
  4. Quantification of Elementary Entities
  5. Mixtures and Solutions
  6. Quantification of Gases
  7. Thermodynamics
  8. Acids and Bases
  9. Electrochemistry
  10. Organic Chemistry
  11. Biochemistry
  12. A Roundup of the Elements
"As a chemistry novice, I could not find a single book with the right scope, detail, and format for my needs. So, I embarked on an eight-year journey of self-learning and wrote my own.

"The result is not a lightweight introductory overview but a book that dives deep into the science. It embraces all the essential subjects without hindering any chapter's content with a compulsion to follow an exam agenda.

"And, because it is the product of my initiation into the science of chemistry, I can genuinely state that the reader requires no previous chemistry experience" - Kevin Fisher
Kevin Fisher

More than an introduction to chemistry

With 322 colour diagrams, the Art of Chemistry – no previous experience required – has a pictorial guide to the text on virtually every page. Furthermore, additional information relevant to the subject matter is also provided in 234 trivia examples.

more than an introduction to chemistry book - the Periodic Table of the Elements
the Periodic Table of the Elements

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