Chemistry is everywhere; it is universal. As the central science, it spans and connects other sciences such as biology, physics, and medicine. All we encounter through our senses involve chemical reactions within our bodies. Whether motorised by fossil fuels, batteries, or hydrogen, chemistry powers cars. And, when treating a wound, a headache, or inoculating against a virus, chemistry plays a role.

The science of chemistry starts with the fundamental building blocks of everything – the atom – and describes how two or more atoms combine to form molecules. It is a science that deals with molecules’ composition, structure, properties, and transformations. It enables a prediction of how those properties influence its behaviour with other molecules in the formation of new substances.

Learning the science of chemistry is a journey with no finish line, just a start and a destination. So, whether new to chemistry, studying for a qualification, or wanting to relearn forgotten teachings, this book offers the fundamentals to begin that journey. Furthermore, because it is not a lightweight introductory overview but a book that dives deep into the science, it may indeed reach, or surpass, the desired destination of many readers.