About the author

Kevin Fisher was born in London in 1960 and lives in Swindon Wiltshire with his wife. He left school aged 16 for a four-year apprenticeship with the Ministry of Defence, from which he obtained a Higher National Certificate in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. He left the MOD to join a multinational Information Technology corporation where, in a career spanning 30 years, he held numerous senior management positions in multiple technical roles.


To my mum, Iris (1932 to 2019), who passed away shortly after I had completed my first draft. Her enthusiasm for everything I accomplished in life motivated me to keep attempting new challenges.

To my dad, the ‘perfect gentleman’, Leslie (1931 to 2018), who passed away before seeing an early draft. It was his eagerness to test his hand at all things practical, from fixing a clock to constructing furniture, and his unending patience in allowing me to ‘help’ when I was a youngster that made me the person I am today.